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  Tiny's guide service offers learning trips. You will be able to learn anything Tiny knows about catfishing on these trips, Locating fish, reading fish finders, bait, keeping bait alive, learning to throw a large thrownet. It seems like it's hard to do but I can have you throwing a 10 ft net like a pro in just a few minutes. Bluecat, Flathead and Channelcat catfishing is some of the most exciting fishing there is if you can figure out how to do it ... A trip with me will dramatically reduce the learning curve as I don't hold any information back and it won't be like some obscure rambling about lunar tables and what not ... I show you how to actually do it and can have you locating your own fish in no time. That's the main thing about successful catfishing is learning how to locate them. If you don't know how to find the fish it makes it a lot tougher as you will have to rely on drift fishing and hope you just luck into fish or you can learn how I locate fish and you won't be depending on luck. If you depend on luck when you're bluecat fishing then how dependable can that be? I have only fished two tournaments and they were on lakes I'd never fished in my life but I placed 2nd and 3rd on them ... the way I did it was I just used my fish location methods and they work anywhere. If you know how to locate catfish then catfishing is a lot easier. If you don't know how to locate them then you'll be out there fishing trying to find them and I never fish to find fish ... I find them and then fish for them and you can too.

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we caught over 700 lbs of bluecat catfish on Dec 10, 2011. we released over 20 fish that was 15 lbs or bigger. it was a great day with really great weather catfishing on Kaw Lake. decided not to go to Keystone due to the better fishing on Kaw

 I went catfishing with my sponsors yeterday .. from and had a great time ... we caught two 18 lb'rs and a couple of 15 lb blues along with two 10 lb bluecat on Nov 28th, 2011 ... pics available at

tiny can teach you how to locate catfish like a pro and be catfishing on your own with conficence that you'll be catching nice fish on your own without depending on luck. catfishing isn't about luck and luck has nothing to do with catfishing unless you're just going out and throwing your line out and hoping for the best ... if you go out with tiny he'll show you how to locate fish and the proper way to fish for them instead of just going out and thinking ... this looks like a likely spot and sit there all day with little to no fish to show for your efforts ... if you find the fish then catching them is simple if you use the proper rigs and fresh bait caught from the waters you fish from. don't spend all your time not catching fish and spend it bringing them in instead. lots of people are likely spot fishermen and that is fishing like mentioned above .. catfishing is pretty easy because they're always biting ... you just need to figure out where the active fish are and you're eating fish in no time.


Catfishing, Let's start this with a little background and life cycle of catfish be it blues channel or flathead. These fish hatch out and are very small ... bottom of the food chain ... the blues and channels have a pretty decent defense with the spines on their sides and dorsal fin that are very sharp and sting like fire when they poke ya ... blues and channel will feed off their young sometimes if they're wounded and I've seen big blues that have been skinned alive by larger catfish ... judging by the marks on them I'd have to guess they were other blues biting them. We'll start at the beginning though ... they're very small and have to fend for themselves and are inherently scavengers as they will feed off carcasses or anything they can knip a little morsel of food off of and they grow fairly fast like this. Once these fish reach about 1.5# they tend to scavenge less and hunt more it seems and when they reach that 3# mark they are predominantly hunters of smaller fish like shad, perch, bass, or anything they can catch and devour. There are usually a lot more fish under 1/2 lb to 1 lb in all waters and they'll be the ones after most prepared baits, punch bait, and dough bait. This is of course dependant upon food supply mostly and health of the fish as fish that have become injured might have to scavenge more ... they are opportunists in some areas more so than others.

Catfishing, Bluecat are my main target fish and you can't catch many blues on prepared baits ... channels are a little different as are flatheads. Channelcat will feed off of prepared baits more so than Bluecat or flathead but there's not nearly as many of them as there are blues so fishing success will be even worse fishing prepared baits or commercial baits as there's gonna be a lot of fiddlers and just a few quality fish that may bite on these ... flathead bite mostly on live bait ... I've seen them caught on worms quite a bit and cut bait at certain times here lately have produced a lot of flathead for me during and just after cold fronts moved through ... don't ask me why cause I haven't a clue, but most of the time you have to use live perch or other live bait to catch flatheads. Don't try goldfish ... I've seen goldfish used for over 5 years and never seen anything caught on them but gar ... now you guys that catch fish on goldfish and catch fish on them don't go getting upset now cause this is just what I've witnessed ... use them if you want to and I'd suggest everyone try things I say that don't work and email me your findings with the type of area you used the things in question. catfishing info,

Here's a posting I asked if I could post by a man that fishes tail waters like I do. He explains stuff better than I do and I never intended to offend anyone or say that I'm a better fisherman than anyone else. If these writings offend anyone that is not the purpose ... this is an info piece to help beginners and experts alike. If you catch plenty of fish and have the bait experience you are happy with then I am not trying to change you or suggest that what I say is better than what you do ... this is just an opinion page written by someone that hasn't used manufactured baits for near 15 years so I don't know how great or not so great the newer ones are. Read this with understanding that I don't use prepared baits any longer and most likely won't try the new ones either ... not because I know they don't work ... because I'm pretty much at ease with what I use now and that's whatever the fish I catch has in it's stomach if I can catch one or two to find out. I don't have to do this in places I'm accustomed to fishin as it's pretty much the same all the time. Just different presentations occasionally work better like shad heads vs. shad fillets or whole live shad. Don't seem like it'd make any difference but it does make a lot of difference on certain days.


Here is an article done in In-Fisherman magazine's Catfish Insider I think is the name ... lc sent me this article.

Catfishing, If you're fishing an area that is a healthy environment for the fish and they have plenty of food you'll not be able to catch them on just any old thing ... you will have to use what they feed upon. This is usually the case in most waters in Oklahoma as I've fished near every body of water here and in every tributary just about ... Deep Fork river being the exception to all these. I've catfishing info, bought near every bait imaginable and caught nothing but little bitty fish on them and some I caught nothing at all on when I was younger ... when I'd fish with worms, grasshoppers, frogs, crawfish, shad, perch, or any other natural bait I'd catch fish ... I've bought a truck load of Bait of different kinds and used them with no success and then find something to use on the bank like bugs or toads and start catching some fish and then be unable to find any more and go back to the prepared baits and not catch anything again except little bitty fish and I'm talkin bout sardine sized fish. Every time a new one came out I'd try it several times and also about every kind of homeade stuff you could think of looking for that miracle cure for catfish. The only thing I've bought out of bait stores that worked for cats is shad guts and that was only in Deep Fork river that I ever caught any decent fish ... as most of you Okies know Deep Fork isn't the most sanitary place in the state ... it runs right through downtown OKC and used to got just about everything in the world dumped into it ... don't know about now ... I'd imagine that since Arcadia Lake's tributary is Deep Fork they may have had to clean up their act ... I don't know but the baitfish was almost non-existant forcing the fish to eat just about anything they could find ... Deep Fork fishermen try to use the same methods they use normally in other rivers or lakes and they'd be skunked on a regular basis. Chicken products can catch you fish and always have been able to but most all the fish will be the smaller variety. I've used chicken gizzards a lot catfish fishing with trotlines and baited every other hook or every third hook and catch a lot of fish on the unbaited hooks ... seemed like when one bit the gizzards the others that are with it or are attracted to the line by the caught fish will hit anything around it ... usually the shiny hooks were the only thing there and they'd bust them just like regular baited hooks as I've came back the next day and pulled several fish in a row off the line and there was only every third hook baited. This confirms my suspicions that these fish are hunters ... and also them feeding on whole shad and have a gut full of shad in water running so fast you'd think it'd kill the fish with all the turbulance of 50,000 cfps coming out of the dam ... ya know if those shad were dead those fish woulda had to gathered them up goin down river at a super fast rate of speed and being able to find a bait in that fast of water is totally amazing to me. They do though and they find them within minutes of you hanging your sinker in the rocks. I also use this to catch more fish knowing that they are hunters they'll track down wounded shad in a hurry ... I will cast out in calm water and reel the baited hook back towards me about 50 yds and this increases my catch ratio a lot as when they swim accross where I'd reeled my bait it'll leave a minimal trail of blood and slime/scent in sort of the same manner a wounded fish will and the cats will track it down if they're feeding. The prepared baits are good for spending hours messin with fish that you can't hook due to their being so small and being opportunists but if you wish to catch quality fish out of a healthy environment you'll most likely need to use what the fish are accustomed to hunting which is most of the time shad, perch, and other small fish. If you have to use prepared baits due to not being able to catch anything you should use chicken products such as blood bait and livers or perhaps nightcrawlers or shad guts and save your money on the rest of the stuff.